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The Sacral Chakra: The Key to Creativity and Sexuality

In my previous article, I told you about the root chakra, and how it relates to your body’s sexual energy. As you start to meditate and clear the flow within your root chakra, you’ll begin to feel a connection to the second chakra – the sacral, or Swadhisthana, chakra. This chakra is located below your navel and above your reproductive organs. Its goal is to bring you “home.” The English translation of Swadhisthana is “abode of the self,” and your sacral chakra is an important link between the root chakra and the third chakra, Manipura. (More on that chakra later.)


The sacral chakra connects you to your real self. Your existence as a divine being – with a real human experience – is rooted in this chakra. Your creative consciousness is here as well. If your sacral chakra is not aligned, you may feel disconnected from your life’s purpose.

A blocked/misaligned sacral chakra comes with one (or some) of the following symptoms:

·      A lack of motivation.

·      Mood swings.

·      The inability to feel sensual.

·      A failure in manifest planning.

·      Addiction.

·      Not being able to feel your own sense of awareness.

·      Frequent thoughts of fear, hate, anger, and violence.

In many cases, parents (especially mothers) can transfer a sacral chakra blockage to a child if they are experiencing these symptoms during conception or pregnancy. If this chakra is not fully opened, you may face severe issues related to your sexuality and creativity.

So, what’s the solution?

Below are a few actions that you can implement immediately, which will help heal and increase the flow within the powerful sacral chakra:

Stop overthinking. Thinking about and analyzing an issue in excess will only hurt your sacral energy. Most of our thoughts are repetitive and connected to the past or future. In order to activate your sacral chakra, you must start thinking mindfully, and in the present moment. Every time an old conditioned thought pattern starts, you must replace it with a newer, kinder one.

 Take action. Making plans but not acting on them will hurt the sacral chakra. Try to avoid creating a pattern that involves all talk and no walk. Make plans and stick to them.

 Express yourself. Do you feel romantic? Sensual? Joyful? Whatever emotion you are feeling, live it. The more you repress yourself, the more problems you cause for your sexuality.

 Don’t let your ego control you. Ego is a mosquito that bites the sacral chakra more than you can imagine. Don’t let your actions be dominated by your ego.

Try this meditation to heal the sacral chakra*:

·      Sit relaxed with your spine straight.

·      Wear minimal clothes. This chakra is all about accepting your body and your sexuality. Take this as an opportunity to let your skin breathe a little.

·      Take a few deep breaths and bring yourself to peace.

·      Gently bring your awareness to your sacral chakra.

·      Continue to feel the awareness in and around your sacral chakra. (2 minutes)

·      Keeping your awareness on your sacral chakra, continue to inhale and exhale. (5 minutes)

·      Visualize a streak of light coming from your sacral chakra. Slowly repeat the mantra “Aham.” Start with a loud repetition and slowly move into silence. (Aham means “I am,” and it strengthens your connection with your existence and the universe.) (5 minutes)

·      Release compassion, love, and forgiveness to yourself and to others.

·      Relax and sit in silence for a while.

·      If you’d like, you may repeat one of the following affirmations:

·      I feel and live all of my senses.

·      I am a free spirit.

·      I accept my body and my sensuality.


*This meditation is typically performed under the careful guidance of Chandresh Bhardwaj at Break the Norms workshops and meditation centers. If you choose to meditate by yourself, please do so consciously, and seek the help of a qualified spiritual teacher in the process.