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The Solar Plexus Chakra: The Bridge to Your Center


In my previous articles about the root and sacral chakras, I shared elements about each that are important to your personal growth. The third in my series about the chakras is the manipura – a.k.a. solar plexus – chakra. Mani means jewel, and this chakra is nothing less than a jewel in your spiritual journey.


Chandresh' s talk in Toronto, Canada

Chandresh' s talk in Toronto, Canada

The solar plexus chakra is located in the middle of the abdomen, behind the navel. Women (especially mothers) are very well connected to this chakra, due to their strong receptivity to nurture life. This chakra is considered your center, and it is the bridge that connects you with the center of the universe. It is believed that whatever is outside in the universe is also inside within us. The Vedic mantra ‘Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde’ points out this connection.

We are connected to the universe, and the manipura chakra plays a significant role in fostering this connection. If you manage your manipura chakra well, you will be able to harness the universe’s energy. What exactly does “harnessing the energy of the universe” mean in simple language? It means you will be able to:

·      Manifest your intentions faster.

·      Rise above the drama of life.

·      Manage your emotions well.

·      Have clarity about your goals.

·      Live a fearless life.

·      Reach your highest potential.

·      Be able to convince others easily.

·      Build a magnetic personality.

All of this sounds wonderful, right? Unfortunately, the road to activating our navel centers isn’t super smooth. A number of outside circumstances often blocks the energy in this chakra. A few of the symptoms of a blockage of this chakra are:

·      Repressed emotions.

·      Living a lie and refraining from speaking the truth.

·      Frequently being in fear.

·      Eating the wrong food (such as anything too sugary, oily, or spicy).

·      Treating other humans and animals cruelly.

·      Always seeking the approval of others.

There are many more obstacles that can block the manipura chakra, but I think you get the idea. I have some clients who start crying when they touch their navel during meditation. It is a sensitive part of your body, and it must be taken care of properly. Treating the manipura chakra poorly can result in a monotonous life that lacks energy. You could develop trust issues, eating disorders, problems with insecurity, or a lack of motivation. You’ll end up feeling like a robot that lives off the script of others. I hope that you don’t want that ... in fact, I am sure you don’t!


Chandresh's meditation session at Renfrew Community Center, Vancouver BC

Chandresh's meditation session at Renfrew Community Center, Vancouver BC

So, what’s the solution?

Healing your manipura chakra (or any chakra, actually) is not rocket science. You just have to be true to yourself and find a qualified guide who can help you on a better and deeper journey. To get started, here’s an action plan, along with a meditation practice:

Start making decisions. When you stop taking a stand for yourself, life won’t stand up for you either. The solar plexus chakra needs your faith to help build up that “gut feeling” found within. When you start making decisions, life starts to find a way.

Believe in hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses have their own language, and you’ve got to get them talking! Don’t refrain from hugging and kissing your loved ones. In many cultures, it is a strong way to express feelings, but in others, it just doesn’t exist. If that’s the case, break the norms, and get the hugging and kissing started.

Don’t misuse your power. It is important for you to honor the power and position you have in life. Many leaders have a strong solar plexus and hence we see many of them misusing their power and position. That’s why I insist you find a Guru/spiritual teacher to help guide you along. You’ve got to keep it all in balance.

Try this meditation to heal the solar plexus chakra*:

·      Sit relaxed with your spine straight.

·      Wear relaxed clothes. You should be able to touch your navel during this meditation.

·      Take a few deep breaths and release all of your demands and expectations.

·      Gently bring your awareness to your navel center. Feel it deeply.

·      Continue to feel awareness on your navel and gently place your fingers on it. (2 minutes)

·      Keeping your awareness on your navel, continue to inhale and exhale. You may release your hands. (5 minutes)

·      Think about your self-doubts and repressed feelings with no defense. Give your “dark side” a moment to come out. Keep watching and observing. (5 minutes)

·      Use the mantra “KALEEM” often to heal the navel chakra.

·      Relax and sit in silence for a while.

 If you’d like, you may repeat one or all of the following affirmations:

I trust my existence.

I honor my feelings.

I build my inner strength everyday in every way.

I manifest my goals with my willpower.

*This meditation is typically performed under the careful guidance of Chandresh Bhardwaj at Break the Norms workshops and meditation centers. If you choose to meditate by yourself, please do so consciously, and seek the help of a qualified spiritual teacher in the process.