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5 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition

Do you ever feel like you have a hunch about something, and then later that actually comes true? This act of thinking the right thing at exactly the right moment – and understanding what’s happening based on instinct and not reasoning – is known as intuition.

Intuition is not some sort of superpower that only special people can attain. It’s an inherent gift that very few of us ever utilize to its full potential. Layers of anger, judgment, and stress often block your intuition, but its presence remains strong in your consciousness. Once activated, it can help guide you through personal, professional, and spiritual matters.

Here are few ways you can build up your intuition:

1. Be yourself. Don’t try to become anything else ... just be. When you quit trying and start existing, your true self will grow to its full potential. Society may try to make you something that you aren’t. Be a coward, a macho man, crazy, or intelligent. Whatever you are, just be.

2. Be a witness. Witness every moment just the way it’s happening. The more you observe something without judging it, the more clarity you will create in your life. The act of witnessing does not involve labeling. Witnessing is diving into a moment without over-analyzing it.

3. Be a listener. Silence is the language of the soul. If you hear anything else, you are listening incorrectly. Take a moment to really listen to others and yourself, and eventually you will be able to listen to the cosmos. Listening is romancing divinity beyond norms.

4. Be expressive. We are taught to never express ourselves fully. If we laugh or cry, we are asked to control these emotions. When we express anger or love, we are asked to manage them better. As a result, we end up breaking our thread of emotions. Start new rituals and don’t be afraid to express love, joy, pain, happiness, sadness, or anything else running through you.

5. Be still. The biggest tool for activating your intuition is a daily meditation practice. The four tips mentioned above get their fuel from a daily meditation routine. When you meditate, you easily connect yourself with the higher consciousness. This helps build up the energy needed to awaken the gift of intuition.

The next challenge: How do you know if your intuition is actually getting stronger? Below are some quick, useful pointers to help you track your progress:

·      Keep a notebook and record your observations and predictions on a daily basis. Every few days, check back to see if what you’re thinking about is actually coming true.

·      If you have a hunch, don’t react right away. Instead, give it some space, maybe a few hours or so, and try to respond to the hunch with an empty mind.

·      When you come across a negative intuition about someone, send healing and positive energy in their direction. For a positive intuition, send energy to multiply its effect.