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Drop Your New Year’s Resolutions … and Do This Instead

As 2017 fast approaches, it’s impossible to ignore the clichéd social media posts about New Year’s resolutions. Be it your friend or a brand you follow, everyone wants to put their two cents in to the resolution game. The human mind loves to try to control the outcome. Be it relationship goals, spiritual ideals, or work habits, we love to oversee our desires.

I have never been a fan of setting resolutions – they aren’t in harmony with the free flow of my consciousness. The consciousness is ever-evolving. It’s unpredictable, infinite, and always expanding toward unfolding our highest potential. Resolutions are a product of our minds. The mind is predictable, finite, and finds comfort in staying within the box. Every time you set a resolution, you’re creating a conflict with your conscious energy. While part of you (your mind) wants to be predictable, the other part of you (your consciousness) yearns to be spontaneous. You end up in a tug-of-war that leaves you confused and drained. This is the reason why your New Year’s resolutions end up going nowhere.

When you set a resolution, you’re deciding to become rigid about your future. You’re basically declaring that you are going to use today to decide tomorrow. The problem is, tomorrow doesn’t exist except within our own minds. The past and future are nothing more than illusions. The more you feed them, the more you miss reality. If you just add love and faith to your present, your tomorrow will take care of itself. No resolution needed.

My resolution for this year, just like in years past, is to drop all resolutions. This doesn’t mean you should roam aimlessly into 2017. It just means that you refuse to be a slave to the future. It means you will create your reality every day. You must shed the old to embrace the new. This year, replace your resolutions with intentions. An intention is a much deeper phenomenon than a goal or a resolution. The intention seeks its inspiration from within. It is directed toward a certain path, yet it’s free and raw. When you set an intention, you fuel your consciousness with clarity while still giving it complete freedom.

To make your intention powerful, remember these tips:

·      Keep it positive.

·      Don’t focus on the results – focus on the process instead.

·      Have faith in your strengths.

·      Be willing to be spontaneous.

·      Trust the process of divinity and the universe in supporting your intention.

I know – it may be hard to drop your resolutions and set intentions instead. Past conditioning and habits are heard to break. If you have any doubts or challenges, comment below and I’ll help guide you. And if this message resonates with you, please share and pass it along.

Happy New Year!  

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