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The Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Seekers



The definition of a seeker is simple: A seeker is someone who seeks. They can seek love, divinity, trust, hope, and truth … basically anything that nurtures their souls. A seeker isn’t programmed by any dogma; their biggest quest is to always continue seeking, despite whatever interruptions or obstacles may block their paths.

But most importantly, a seeker only starts to seek after he or she has discovered what they’re looking for. You cannot seek the unknown. You can only look for something once you’ve had a taste of it. That craving to taste more is what makes someone a seeker.

Do you consider yourself a seeker? Not sure? The pointers below can help you decide.

Seekers do…  

·      Meditate

·      Love … unconditionally

·      Forgive

·      Remain curious

·      Surrender

·      Accept their flaws

·      Are aware of the damage to their soul

 Seekers don’t… 

·      Feed drama

·      Cling to results

·      Stop questioning

·      Let others dictate their journey

·      Give up

·      Hold grudges

·      Avoid responsibility

So, are you a seeker? I hope that my words help you sail ahead into your journey!