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Drop Your New Year’s Resolutions … and Do This Instead

As 2017 fast approaches, it’s impossible to ignore the clichéd social media posts about New Year’s resolutions. Be it your friend or a brand you follow, everyone wants to put their two cents in to the resolution game. The human mind loves to try to control the outcome. Be it relationship goals, spiritual ideals, or work habits, we love to oversee our desires.

I have never been a fan of setting resolutions – they aren’t in harmony with the free flow of my consciousness. The consciousness is ever-evolving. It’s unpredictable, infinite, and always expanding toward unfolding our highest potential. Resolutions are a product of our minds. The mind is predictable, finite, and finds comfort in staying within the box. Every time you set a resolution, you’re creating a conflict with your conscious energy. While part of you (your mind) wants to be predictable, the other part of you (your consciousness) yearns to be spontaneous. You end up in a tug-of-war that leaves you confused and drained. This is the reason why your New Year’s resolutions end up going nowhere.

When you set a resolution, you’re deciding to become rigid about your future. You’re basically declaring that you are going to use today to decide tomorrow. The problem is, tomorrow doesn’t exist except within our own minds. The past and future are nothing more than illusions. The more you feed them, the more you miss reality. If you just add love and faith to your present, your tomorrow will take care of itself. No resolution needed.

My resolution for this year, just like in years past, is to drop all resolutions. This doesn’t mean you should roam aimlessly into 2017. It just means that you refuse to be a slave to the future. It means you will create your reality every day. You must shed the old to embrace the new. This year, replace your resolutions with intentions. An intention is a much deeper phenomenon than a goal or a resolution. The intention seeks its inspiration from within. It is directed toward a certain path, yet it’s free and raw. When you set an intention, you fuel your consciousness with clarity while still giving it complete freedom.

To make your intention powerful, remember these tips:

·      Keep it positive.

·      Don’t focus on the results – focus on the process instead.

·      Have faith in your strengths.

·      Be willing to be spontaneous.

·      Trust the process of divinity and the universe in supporting your intention.

I know – it may be hard to drop your resolutions and set intentions instead. Past conditioning and habits are heard to break. If you have any doubts or challenges, comment below and I’ll help guide you. And if this message resonates with you, please share and pass it along.

Happy New Year!  

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How To Find a True Guru


What do you do when you have to buy a new car or a new home? I assume you do research, ask your friends for their opinions, and use your own knowledge to make the right purchase. Even when you buy a new phone or a tablet, the decision is based on what you like, what’s available, and what suits your style, right? Our life partner is selected carefully too. Would you marry a person you didn’t like from day one? I hope not.

So, since you have been choosing the most important things in your life based upon your research and comfort, you will choose the Guru using the same model, right? You will pick the Guru that you like. You will find solace in the Guru who makes you comfortable. You will seek out the Guru who matches your lifestyle.

Not so fast.

Finding a Guru bears no resemblance to shopping for one. A Guru is not meant to make us feel more comfortable. They arrive in our lives to push our buttons and ignite transformation. So we can’t go from place to place, looking for the “right fit.” When we decide that we are ready for a Guru, the best thing we can do is begin to work on our ego.

The biggest roadblock to meeting a true Guru is our ego. Remember, EGO = Edging Guru Out. Take the Guru out and the ego will walk in. Take the ego in and the Guru will walk out. The ego stops us from accepting the idea that someone with flesh and bones can teach us life lessons.

The popular phrase, “A teacher appears when a student is ready” is absolutely true in this situation. The ultimate truth is this: You cannot find a Guru. You can only let a Guru discover you. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself for the Guru’s discovery. Try as much as you want. If you go out and search for Guru, you may land at a place where your ego is fed.

The title of this section is somewhat of a trick for your ego and shopping habits. But I am not trying to deceive you. I just want you to have clarity. You are much too precious to end up in the wrong hands.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Seekers



The definition of a seeker is simple: A seeker is someone who seeks. They can seek love, divinity, trust, hope, and truth … basically anything that nurtures their souls. A seeker isn’t programmed by any dogma; their biggest quest is to always continue seeking, despite whatever interruptions or obstacles may block their paths.

But most importantly, a seeker only starts to seek after he or she has discovered what they’re looking for. You cannot seek the unknown. You can only look for something once you’ve had a taste of it. That craving to taste more is what makes someone a seeker.

Do you consider yourself a seeker? Not sure? The pointers below can help you decide.

Seekers do…  

·      Meditate

·      Love … unconditionally

·      Forgive

·      Remain curious

·      Surrender

·      Accept their flaws

·      Are aware of the damage to their soul

 Seekers don’t… 

·      Feed drama

·      Cling to results

·      Stop questioning

·      Let others dictate their journey

·      Give up

·      Hold grudges

·      Avoid responsibility

So, are you a seeker? I hope that my words help you sail ahead into your journey!