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    Meditation is the solution


Do you often feel anxious? Restless?
Are you constantly consumed by your thoughts?
When was the last time you truly felt calm and peaceful?

Meditation is the solution.

Meditation is the best way to drive away all the chaos that’s in your head.

To meditate is to enter a deep state of relaxation – a place of higher awareness where no unreasonable thought or bout of anxiety can disturb you. You don’t have to be some sort of spiritual pro to effectively meditate. If you can breathe … you can meditate! 

“Meditate Anxiety Away” was conceived by Chandresh Bhardwaj, a seventh-generation spiritual teacher and the author of Break the Norms, to help students learn to calm their anxieties and embark on their meditation journeys. This online course was designed with comfort and flexibility in mind. The five informative modules – which you can listen to whenever from home – are filled with meditation tips and techniques and each end with a guided meditation led by Chandresh himself. Chandresh brings more than six years of experience in training teachers and students on meditation to this course. Students will learn to meditate, deal with their anxiety issues, and build their own effective meditation practices for their future well-being. 

Through this course, you’ll learn how to meditate than from a spiritual teacher who has been showered with praise and blessings from the Dalai Lama! Meditate Anxiety Away will jump-start your journey to happiness and wash your anxiety away. That’s the power of meditation!

“Meditate Anxiety Away” modules include:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Meditation
  • Module 2 – Your Mind: The Inner Battle
  • Module 3 – Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 4 – Taking Control of your Thoughts
  • Module 5 – How to Drop Reactions and Embrace Responses

*Each module ends with a guided meditation led by Chandresh.