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One on One

     Complete guidance


If you’re looking for a life coach to kick-start your motivation, this is not the place for you.

If you’re looking for a therapist to provide cognitive tools to overcome past wounds, this is also not the place for you.

But if you’re looking for a champion to guide your spiritual curiosity, challenge your life’s purpose, and experience a self-driven spiritual healing, you’ve found the perfect place. If you are willing to do the work to enhance the quality of your relationships, heal your heart, and live a balanced life filled with spiritual growth and material success, then this is for you!


Hailing from seven generations of spiritual healers, Chandresh Bhardwaj now offers individual monthly spiritual guidance-session programs to focus on solutions for life’s challenges.The solutions come from ancient sciences of tantra, mantra, and lineage based powerful meditations.

In a dedicated monthly program with select clients and students, Chandresh provides intuitive readings to help you tune into your strengths and overcome obstacles, explore your spirituality, and listen to your calling.

An intimate guidance program where you have full permission to be your unfiltered self, Chandresh taps into your frequency to provide a customized energetic diagnosis—for you and you only. During your program, Chandresh will prescribe a spiritual solution that’s based on your lifestyle actions, including a mantra and healing work.

Chandresh’s solution isn’t coming from a set formula. Every situation is unique, which is why he adapts to the needs of his clients. Together, you’ll learn to recognize weak points and blockages that are affecting your spiritual journey, and you’ll end up with a lifelong sense of your place in this world.



The monthly programs are highly customized based on what you need to strengthen your awareness. There’s option of having one 90-minute session per month, as well as, having a weekly or even daily intensive guidance program. Minimum of six-month commitment is suggested to have powerful results.

During the program, you will dive deep into the following:

- Discussion of your spiritual path.
- Exploration of current struggles or energy blockers.
- Energetic frequency reading.
- Custom mantra creation.
- Joint meditation devised for you.
- Review of blockages preventing you from healing.

During this program, you’ll become more inspired about your potential, more aware of your energy, more conscious of your mind, more curious about your spiritual beliefs, and stronger than ever before to overcome whatever life throws in your way. These programs are great for those willing to do the work to taste the spiritual growth and material abundance.



“From the moment we met, Chandresh has been a lighthouse in my life. Never judgmental, always listening, and forever speaking thoughtfully, he is a calming force in a stormy world.” - Emily R.

“Chandresh is one of the spiritual greats that people 30,000 years from now will say they wished they could have met in dinner conversation. He has helped me beyond words.” Weston C.


“Chandresh knows how to make you think for yourself and helps guide you to hear your own voice. He is an angel in disguise and his meditations are always make me go incredibly deep.” - Tal R.


“Chandresh’s teachings have helped me to find a deep place of peace and truth within myself that continues to unfold.” - Arden K.

“Forever grateful. Chandresh's humble and loving nature come through in each session, along with his intuitive and healing abilities.” - Christine G.


"It is a disservice to call him a ‘meditation teacher’ or ‘coach’. His personal investment in his clients exceeds all expectations. When working through trauma, or unresolved pain, he tenderly cushions you and encourages you, making you feel safe and brave. His technique of meditation is unlike any I have experienced and I was able to reach deeper levels of connection and peace because of my work with him.” - Anouska D.


"Chandresh is a problem solver. Blend Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Dalai Lama, and add a tons of fresh, rebellious, unconventional vibe in a mixer and you get one Chandresh Bhardwaj. His intuition is astounding." - Elizabeth C.

“He doesn’t say what you want to hear. He says what you need to hear. His intuition around your growth within spirituality and the pragmatic world is remarkable. There is no magic 8 ball or spoon feeding here. He shows you how to lead the way.” - Orlee K.