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Get Guidance

Get Guidance


Feeling lost?
For a decade, Chandresh Bhardwaj has helped his seekers overcome an array of physical and emotional roadblocks, conquering everything from relationship struggles to career issues. If you’re feeling aimless, unworthy of happiness and success, or like your intentions and ideas never manifest themselves in the way you intend them to, you deserve to find a solution.  

How to get rid of that negative energy:
We are all born with gigantic potential, which is known as shudh chaitnya (pure consciousness) in Eastern wisdom. Every time you lose sight of your pure consciousness, you fall victim to anxiety, anger, and judgment, which inevitably leads to feelings of uselessness and despair. Chandresh has worked with seekers from all over the world, helping them learn to live more fulfilled and abundant lives.

Is Chandresh accepting new clients?
Yes. The only requirement is personal commitment. You must want to break your norms and move beyond your story.
Through dedicated, one-on-one interaction (Chandresh only works with seven students per month), change is possible.  

Here’s what Chandresh’s spiritual guidance looks like:
During one-on-one sessions with Chandresh, you’ll work together to access your weaknesses, strengths, and emotional blockages. These blockages can come from anywhere: cultural conditioning, past experiences,  chakra misalignment, or a simple lack of spiritual guidance.

You’ll receive a spiritual action plan, which includes your private meditation instructions and other key guidelines for building spiritual energy and manifesting visions. Whether you’re grappling with a professional, personal, or spiritual obstacle, Chandresh can help. His wisdom, guidance, and tools are both practical and powerful, coming from the ancient teachings of Vedic sages and his own family’s lineage of spiritual healers.

Another crucial element of Chandresh’s guidance: a personalized mantra, which helps seekers free themselves from the illusions of their minds. This empowered word or phrase is prescribed by Chandresh to resonate personally. Mantras possess the power to transform your psychological and spiritual capacities, allowing you to ignite the spirit of your soul with an unwavering focus. A mantra draws energy from the Light of Spirit to purify and deteriorate negative karma from within. Unlike some other healers, Chandresh doesn’t assign mantras based on astrological signs. That’s not an accurate blueprint of your life; it’s simply a prediction based on planetary positions. Chandresh prescribes mantras based on chakra energies and intentions. These mantras have been passed from one lineage to another.

Why Chandresh? How is he different from a therapist, life coach, or psychic?
In a world that’s flooded with spiritual guides, therapists, and life coaches Chandresh offers a unique, refreshing approach to spirituality. He comes from an incredibly respected Eastern lineage of spiritual gurus and is a seventh generation spiritual teacher.
This is special! It means that his teachings, mantras, and wisdoms are passed on from one Guru to another and aren’t borrowed from some best-selling self-help book or blog.  His Holiness The Dalai Lama approves too, stating that Chandresh has an

“...innovative teaching style and a natural talent for spiritual matters.”

Deepak Chopra praised Chandresh’s debut book, Break the Norms, as

“a powerful, yet simple approach for looking deep within and discovering one's divine potential.”

Ready to get started? 
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* A minimum commitment of four sessions is required. This is in order to obtain practical, long-term results. Thereafter, if necessary, follow-up sessions can be booked to continue the momentum and obtain the right results.